Super Sensitive

2005, video, Joachim Stein, Martin Widerberg

This video is not available online.

The phobic employee who can be extremely troublesome in ordinary work environments has through studies shown to be very useful in business negotiations. Large corporations use employees who suffer from phobias in such situations because of their super sensitivity to lack of honesty.

“Super Sensitive” consists of arranged photos of business meetings as they are imagined by advertisement companies. Those photos are often used for so called ‘key visuals’, visual style elements that are designed to communicate the spirit of companies or products. They show cool managers in designer suits, who look trustworthy and seem to be having a good time while communicating easily with each other .

The images are complemented by an interview with Dr. Jesper Petersson from Malmö University Hospital explaining how companies use employees who suffer from phobias in negotiations and business meetings.

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