Visibility: Hidden

2003, lecture / performance, Joachim Stein

‘visibility: hidden – networks in the age of mechanical reproduction’ – a lecture / performance at the German artists association’s project room, Rosenthaler Str. 11 in Berlin.

Flyer: von null auf hundert

In recognition of its 100th anniversary, the German artists association (Deutscher Künstlerbund) is hosting a series of lectures that deal with the situation of artists in today’s society and the use of (artists?) organizations, such as their own German artists association..

Stein investigates the possibilities that internet communities offer for artistic practice. Unlike traditional associations and clubs, contemporary web communities are rarely legally recognized and they usually do not have legal identities. The German artists association was originally formed so that artists, who at that time were not part of the art establishment, could speak with one voice and thus increase their influence. In contrast today’s communities concentrate on specific services for their members and are often not visible for the public. Just like the German artists association, they sometimes have very elitist and restrictive membership policies that only allow invited individuals to join.

How are these networks used? How do they work? What is their visible impact? What is their economical impact? Do they have financial resources? Can they replace official organizations? How important are programmed rules for their identities? Are they consistent? Can they reproduce?

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