Take a Photo

1995, installation / experimental intervention, Joachim Stein

Installation at the summer 95 sculpture exhibition at Läckö Castle, Sweden

official sign: take a foto

official sign: take a foto

The castle is a touristic place. At nice spots all around the castle Stein installed ten signs, which contained a camara icon and asked visitors to send a photo to

Joachim Stein
65582 Diez

The signs resembled the kind of signs that usualy inform about dangers and prohibitions. They were designed to look official. The Fotos and letters that Stein received in the following months were never exhibited or published, nor did Stein reply to any of the visitors to Läckö Castle, who sent him fotos. Most of them were curious, asking for more information. Few seemed to associate the signs with the ongoing sculpture exhibition

With the installation Stein reversed the artistic process that connects spectator and artist in conventional artistic practice. The Work also experiments with installing meaning and/or imagination in the void. The spectators mind is utilized as a stage for a possible artwork rather than being allowed to consume presentational art in a traditional way.

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