holzfrei Podcast

In the holzfrei podcast series we discuss aspects of living and working in a digital and global society. We touch philosophical questions and invite experts and people with specific experiences. We wonder how work can be organized, how collaboration works in companies, but also on a global level. We discuss what kind of progress is desirable and what strategies are available for individuals and groups.

I host the podcast together with my friend and colleague Jörg Ossenkopp (Philpeople.org, Linkedin), who has a PhD in Philosophy and has worked as a developer and, like myself, in leadership positions in tech companies.

We do not always agree on everything and sometimes even struggle to establish a common language. For us that’s a source of inspiration 🙂

Each episode is a one on one conversation, often between Jörg and myself, but we both also invite people who we think have an interesting perspective on the podcast.

Generally we speak German. However it’s very likely that there will be conversations in English, too.

Fire together, wire together!