Scribble Chess

Scribble Chess board, initial positions
Scribble Chess board & symbols, initial positions.

“Scribble Chess” (German: “Kritzelschach”) is a modification of the strategy game “Chess”. Watching two friends playing chess killing time at an airport, I wondered how the game could be modified, to make the notation less messy.

The solution was limiting the number of times a field can be used.

Scribble Chess Rules

  1. The rules of Chess apply, unless they are explicitly modified by Scribble Chess rules.
  2. When moving a piece, it is drawn on the destination field and crossed out on the field it is moving from.
  3. When a piece is taken, it is crossed out. The taking piece is drawn on the destination field.
  4. Each field can be used no more than 4 times. After the fourth time, the field is burned and is no longer available.
  5. If a piece on a field that has been used three times already is attacked, there a two rule variations: A) “Harakiri”: The field is burned and both, the attacking piece and the attacked piece are lost. B) “Troll”: A piece on a field that has been used three times already, cannot be attacked.
  6. Before starting the game, the player must decide whether they play “Harakiri” or “Troll”.
  7. Burned fields are not blocking. E.g. a bishop, rook or queen can jump over burned fields and reach all fields they would normally reach, except burned fields.


Scribble Chess board (big)

6 Scribble Chess boards (small)