Brain Prints

1996, installation, Joachim Stein

Ten concrete tiles, 60x60x5.5 cm, approximatly 35 kg each, with imprints of a human brain are distributed on the floor of the exhibition space. On the bottomside of the tiles are handwritten inscriptions, that can be discovered by turning them over.

Hinterhältigkeit ist nur o.k., wenn der andere ohnehin hoffnungslos unterlegen ist.
Do not tell anyone about this inscription. Let them break their own fingernails.
I know I can’t impress you.
Mit jemandem, wie dem Christian gesehen zu werden, bringt einen natürlich in Erkärungsnot.
Don’t drop it, it’s a piece of art!
Success corrupts, but so does failure.
I could not come up with anything for this one. Think of something yourself.
I don’t know you, but you know me even less. I’m serious!
If I wasn’t an artist myself, I would probably not go to art exhibitions.
This message is encrypted and compressed.
Some of the other inscriptions are in a different language.
Theoretically it is possible, that I have thought every single thought, you have thought in your life. Would that mean, you were a part of me?
I know, some of the Inscriptions do not seem to go well with the others.
I spent more time on the other inscriptions, than I spent on this one.
At one point I wondered how many percent of the floor I would cover with these brainprints.