Why Take A Photo…

of what you can see with your own eyes in front of you? Taking a photo often means trading the actual moment against some moment in the future when you might want to impress friends or bore grandchildren or, worse, impress yourself with your past. Taking other people’s photos is much more positive. Rather than self affirmation it can only be motivated by actual interest and curiosity and playfulness. “What is a complete stranger doing at this moment?” or “What kind of photo did a complete stranger take it this place?” may seem arbitrary questions. But a photo showing just that has the potential to add something to your own life as oposed to recycling it.

At a Pecha Kucha Night in Berlin in 2006 Sascha Pohflepp presented his first prototype of a device that takes photos from Flickr which were uploaded the exact moment one pushed the button on the device. It was called Blinks & Buttons and resembled a compact camera from the 70s without lense and with a big orange button. As a hardware device it was an art oddity, but very visionary. weiterlesen

Apple Mon Amour

I have a small problem with my MacBook Pro: Stains on the screen. They are growing, not fast, more like cancer in an old persons body. By now they have almost stopped annoying me. Ironically one of the reasons for replacing my old MacBook was that it had a similar kind of stain on it’s screen since a candle had been placed near it. That one wasn’t growing. It wasn’t like cancer, it was an injury. Unfortunately the shape of the stain only reminded of a heart, not of Virgin Mary or Jesus or some other religious symbol that would have allowed to make money by selling it to a believer on eBay. At least getting it replaced was pretty straight forward and only involved writing some letters to the insurance company.