Book for Shelf Exhibition?

I am reading “Topologie der Kunst” (“Topolgy of Art”) by Boris Groys (as far as I know, it has not been translated to English). In the book Groys deals with contemporary art practice, the role of the museum, the significance of showing film and video in exhibitions and even with art on the web. Of course he does not escape referencing Walter Benjamin quite a bit since Benjamin’s topics are omnipresent in the book.

If I am not mistaken, it was Benjamin, who, ahead of his time as often, proposed writing a book by using texts from existing books only. Probably this has been done many times by now (not that I know of a specific example). Groys seems to have a slightly different approach.

More than once while reading the book I had the feeling that I had already read what I was reading. At some point (on page 94 to be exact) I was certain that I had indeed read the exact same words. I went through the previous chapters and found that Groys had recycled almost an entire page from an earlier chapter (page 64). Continuing I found more examples where he reused sentences and paragraphs, sometimes mildly changed, but often without any changes at all.