256 square: Remaping of a Virtual Space in RL

[etv]Aram Barthol, architct, media, performance + intervention artist and a friend of mine marked the NewBerlin Sim that YouSeeMeIn3D has set up resently in Real Life. Despite heavy rain the performance went smoothly without the lag one usually expects when particle effects get used excessively. The man with the camera is Arial Schlesinger aka Ariel Chico, frequent contributer to Minor Urban Disasters. I expected he might score for the Flickr group when Aram drew the line across Karl-Liebknecht Straße. Besides Second Life, this scene also referenced the Arcade + C64 game classic Frogger – not intentionally I guess, but perfectly in line with Aram’s body of work.

The Sim limit runs right through a MacDonalds Restaurant, a Church, the train station and Kaufhof, the large retail store at Alexander Platz. So does Aram’s line.

See all photos I took of the intervention on Flickr