Speed Show


Aram Barthol showed internet art in an internet café at Kottbusser Damm in Berlin. The concept is simple: Rent all computers and set the homepage on each computer to one of the featured art projects. For convenience distribute sheets with artist info and an exhibition map (most internet café have xerox machines and the workstations have numbers). Cheap wine and beer for the opening can be bought directly from the counter. As a side effect two cultures and very different urban communities is are brought together – after all this is not St. Oberholz where the frontal lobe of the digital bohème resides in a latte machiato rich bring-your-own-laptop-environment.

The way the staff at Kottbusser Damm 103 adjusted to the new clientele was the an art experience in itself. Of course the internet art was great too. Here are some links:

Dragan Espenschied / Education of the Noobz

Tobias Leingruber / Webmarker

Johannes P Osterhoff / Fakebook
Constant Dullart / Nervous News

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