Juggling Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Mac

I need to work with two Dropbox accounts on my Mac, one for work and one private account. I came up with the following solution:

  1. create an additional user account on your mac
  2. install Dropbox and set it up for the secondary account
  3. choose a custom location for the Dropbox folder
  4. As location choose or create a folder inside the “Shared” folder (Users/Shared/)
  5. set the permissions so that the primary user has read & write access (select the folder and type command-i)
  6. in order for the syncing to work properly, the secondary user needs to stay logged in in the background

To be clear: I respect that DroBox has a freemium pricing model and I don’t want to encourage you to double the size of your Dropbox folder using this workaround. However, sometimes it can be practical to be able to access two accounts.