Insert your Windows installation disc (into your Windows phone?)

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Insert Disc

@joaoflux: My #Nokia #Lumia920 crashed today. “To fix the problem: 1. Insert your windows installation disc…”

@WindowsPhoneSupport: @joaoflux Sorry for the troubles. Please, can you tell us how did you get this screen?

@joaoflux: @WinPhoneSupport The phone crashed and wouldn’t start blue screen) I followed the Nokia support reset instructions…

@WindowsPhoneSupport: @joaoflux I will suggest contacting you phone manufacturer.

@joaoflux: @WinPhoneSupport Thanks. That would be Nokia. Maybe they’re responsible for the crash, but I don’t think they slipped the Windows 95 code in

@WindowsPhoneSupport: @joaoflux You are welcome. Please keep us posted.