At the book presentation of “Updating Germany” by Raumtaktik (the curators of the German contribution to the Venice Biennial International Architecture Exhibition 2008) the term “Betroffenheitskunst” was brought up and kept coming back throughout the panel discussion. The term is used to criticize art that aims to cause empathy as an end in itself. At least this is how I understand it. In the context of architecture – which in one way or another is always about altering reality – the term does not seem to make much sense in my opinion. weiterlesen

Getting A ticket For Transmediale Takes Longer Than Opening A Bank Account

Being the tech junkie I am, I spent much more time then I had to at the three Apple Stores in Manhattan, when I was there in December. Besides my lust for toys, I got fascinated with the way Apple managed to create a store which offers a usability that is as superior as the the usability of their software. Of course they use quite a bit of tailored hard- and software to achieve that. Their portable counters speed up things as do receipts via email. Extra features like the genius bar and regular workshops add to the experience as much as the firewall guys who approach clients instantly when they come in and redirect them. Color coded staff is also a very smart idea, that I had not really seen in a store before.