Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

pk_brussels.jpg Friday night I gave a presentation at the Brussels Pecha Kucha Night. Alok Nandi the organizer manages to pull off the event without even charging an entrance fee. His laid back and low key style of moderating creates a very nice and intimate atmosphere. So, presenting was a lot of fun. I talked about my project “Stadtplandienst vs. Me” and felt at home right away. weiterlesen

Approximately 20 Seconds

I am one of the organizers of the Berlin Pecha Kucha Night. We noticed more than a year ago, that teh software we use for the presentations (Apple Keynote) is not very precise when it comes to intervals. Not only is 20 sec interval usually longer than 20 seconds, but the longer a presentation runs, the bigger the difference gets. We hoped the new version of Keynote would solve the problem but hasn’t.

That is why I am looking for other solutions. We also don’t need a heavy application as Keynote, since we are really just showing series of .jpg files.