Pecha Kucha Berlin Vol. 8.1 at DMY

On May 22 we will organize a Pecha Kucha Night at the DMY Festival in Berlin. The weird edition number (Vol. 8.1) is because we don’t want to count the Pecha Kucha Night we organize with or for partners in one line with the ones we do on our own. I actually don’t remember ever discussing the numbering convention with the team. Anyway, someone came up with it and it sure looks hip.

I am pretty certain that we wont need a bug fix release 8.1.1 and I can guarantee that, no matter what the numbering convention is, we made no compromises about the speakers. What is labeled Pecha Kucha Berlin contains 100% Pecha Kucha Berlin, featuring the most exciting people that applied and the best people we could think of ourselves plus some speakers that our partners suggested. Don’t expect that there will only be Designers, just because it’s DMY. The general idea might be called “l’extension du domaine du design”.

Re-Educated Highlights

[display_podcast] Re-education, a small art festival at Hebbel am Ufer on January 19, dealt with the large scale re-education project that the United States imposed quite successfully on post war Germany (more successfully anyway than recent attempts in Irak. Unfortunately I missed much of the program, but I saw two things I liked quite a bit.

One was the lecture/performance “Manifest Destiny” by Pablo Helguera, which consisted of a power point presentation mixing four stories around the idea that the US should expand their territory, which was popular in 19th century. The presentation was half caricature half serious and it worked quite well. I only found out later, when I googled Pablo Helguera, that he was also the author of a book I recently had a look at when I was standing around, waiting for a film screening to start at new gallery show about the art world. The book is called “Manual of Contemporary Art Style” and is a very helpful beginners guide to the art world not only for practitioners. It’s of course a bit childish, but nevertheless very entertaining and mostly quite well observed.

The other was a concert hardly dressed cross dressers punk combo. I could not even find the name of the band anywhere, because as it turned out it was only the starting act. The main act sucked. If anybody knows the name of the band, please leave a comment.


This week I will be in Cambridge at the ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES festival & conference. I got invited to take part for one of the discussion panels (“Future Spaces”). I’m looking forward to the event, because it sounds really interesting. I also expect a lively discussion after the email correspondence I had with the other participants so far. More to come.