Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

pk_brussels.jpg Friday night I gave a presentation at the Brussels Pecha Kucha Night. Alok Nandi the organizer manages to pull off the event without even charging an entrance fee. His laid back and low key style of moderating creates a very nice and intimate atmosphere. So, presenting was a lot of fun. I talked about my project “Stadtplandienst vs. Me” and felt at home right away. weiterlesen

I’m a New Born Intellectual Property Donor Now

intellectual property donor card

Check out this sticker that extends organ donor cards. I filled mine out already. Of course I generally I don’t wait until I die with giving my intellectual property to the public. Anyway, for people who own more valuable intellectual property than I do and who don’t share it while walking on the planet, it’s probably a good idea to keep their mouths shut about having decided to become an intellectual property donor.

Maybe there should be an option specifying that you donate your intellectual property only in case of a natural death.

Stadtplandienst: Fighting with it’s back to the wall

A bit more than two years ago I did a performance / installation work that I called “running myself“. It consists of a web page showing photos of myself running through Joachimstraße und Steinstraße in Berlin Mitte and of a map in which the route I took is marked with red dots. The Map I took from, a german map service by “Euro-Cities AG“.