Future Spaces Discussion Panel

The panel I had been invited for at the _Enter conference was quite a strange combination of people: Mike Taylor of Sky Movies and James Cridland of Virgin Radio and myself. Mike and James thought, it was funny enough that Sky and Virgin were on the same panel and I really have no clue how I fitted in – probably the connection was that they both represent companies who make smart use of user generated content commercially while I reflect on Second Life, which is often displayed as a space where people can run their own business and make money (which is of course partly a misconception). However, the panel went quite well, largely because the chair, John Naughton, did an excellent job at connecting it all. Meeting John Naughton was one of the Highlights of the conference. Unfortunately we had less than one hour and Mike and I joked last night while having a drink that we did not even get to fight. The email correspondence we had prior to the panel had been a bit controversial. Our common ground: How much we like hanging out in Nice.

Disinformation vs. Strange Attractor: National Grid and Support

Live high voltage sound manipulation, homemade electronics and circuit bending. Mike Taylor, director of Sky Movies networked media and participant of the discussion panel I was on at ENTER_UNKNOWN Territories thought it was noise, Bob Stein enthusiastically shouted “I love noise!”. Can they do the exact same Performance tomorrow? No, it’s Jazz! Indeed the noise grooved. In the national Grid Performance + Support music was generated directly by playing with high voltage and manipulating circuits. One of the guys told me after the show, that one of the tubes they used actually radiated x-rays during the performance (only for a couple of seconds and he assured me that I did not have to worry about not wearing lead underwear). Visually the show was great too and being blinded by flashes periodically added to the experience. Unfortunately my phone had run out of batteries and I could not take photos. Many people did though and I hope that I can nic something from someone else’s blog or Flickr album in the next days. Here are some links: Bugbrand, Bad Timing, Animals On Wheels


This week I will be in Cambridge at the ENTER_UNKNOWN TERRITORIES festival & conference. I got invited to take part for one of the discussion panels (“Future Spaces”). I’m looking forward to the event, because it sounds really interesting. I also expect a lively discussion after the email correspondence I had with the other participants so far. More to come.