At the book presentation of “Updating Germany” by Raumtaktik (the curators of the German contribution to the Venice Biennial International Architecture Exhibition 2008) the term “Betroffenheitskunst” was brought up and kept coming back throughout the panel discussion. The term is used to criticize art that aims to cause empathy as an end in itself. At least this is how I understand it. In the context of architecture – which in one way or another is always about altering reality – the term does not seem to make much sense in my opinion. weiterlesen

Gedichte aus der Spraydose – Poesie and Graffiti

Inspired by an idea that a group of artists from Rio de Janeiro came up with, Literaturwerkstatt invited more than 40 graffiti artists from Berlin, Rio and Barcelona to collaborate with poets from Berlin. The canvas was an old shopping center in Lichtenberg (alter Kaufhof at Anton-Saefkow-Platz). The building is a perfect urban gallery: It has an almost windowless wall that goes all around the building and the upper part of the building is wider than the lower part forming a roof that protected artists and visitors from the rain.