Ubu Roulette

Explore the bizarre world of video art without clicking through names of artists you probably haven’t heard about anyway. This single feature website contains just one button that launches a random video. Organize your own Ubu Roulette party. Invite friends (or better even random people), connect a beamer and point your browser to ubu-roulette.com. Random art is a perfect way to trigger random conversations.

Juggling Multiple Dropbox Accounts on a Mac

I need to work with two Dropbox accounts on my Mac, one for work and one private account. I came up with the following solution:

  1. create an additional user account on your mac
  2. install Dropbox and set it up for the secondary account
  3. choose a custom location for the Dropbox folder
  4. As location choose or create a folder inside the “Shared” folder (Users/Shared/)
  5. set the permissions so that the primary user has read & write access (select the folder and type command-i)
  6. in order for the syncing to work properly, the secondary user needs to stay logged in in the background

To be clear: I respect that DroBox has a freemium pricing model and I don’t want to encourage you to double the size of your Dropbox folder using this workaround. However, sometimes it can be practical to be able to access two accounts.

Lean Patents

UN-Patent-Office-TwitterIt’s high time that the the process of filing patents gets simplified to reflect the triviality of what qualifies as patentable. By making filing of patents informal and easy, we create a more inclusive and democratic institution and may shift power from large corporations to individuals and small companies who may lack the means of production and even the skill to realize their ideas and establish a business model around them. Skill is a modernist concept that seems outdated in times of Real Post Modernism.

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Fighting for Equal Rights is Not Extreme!

Towards the end of the Q&A session at “BERLIN’S MEDIA ART COMMUNITY: A FEMALE PERSPECTIVE” the inevitable question whether the panel members considered themselves feminists was asked. The panel’s reaction was predictable: No one wants to be seen as the cliché feminist. The organizer points out that the they used “female” in the title of the event instead of “feminist”, because they thought not every participant would see herself as a feminist. Everybody seems to agree that feminism has negative associations. It is obligatory to distance oneself from those uncool bitter and unsexy feminists form the seventies.