Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

pk_brussels.jpg Friday night I gave a presentation at the Brussels Pecha Kucha Night. Alok Nandi the organizer manages to pull off the event without even charging an entrance fee. His laid back and low key style of moderating creates a very nice and intimate atmosphere. So, presenting was a lot of fun. I talked about my project “Stadtplandienst vs. Me” and felt at home right away.Surprisingly (or may that’s not surprising after all in the de-facto Capitol of Europe) most presentations dealt with politics in one way or another. The predominant topics were the environment, privacy and copyright. My own project of course also deals with the question of copyright and what one is allowed to do as an artist. In short, I had a lot of sympathy for my co-presenters who had more of an activists agenda. Anyway, they were all very entertaining too. Unfortunately I think Alok does not publish a podcast of the presentations.